On the organization’s 30th year, we aim to fortify. UP Aggregates, Inc. envisions to solidify its identity as a proactive and service-oriented academic organization through an intensive expansion of reach, involvement in charitable and service-oriented activities, and reinforcement of core values within its members to become more impactful advocates of change in the society.

In service of the UP College of Engineering and the entire nation, we shall continue the successes our events brought over the past years.



About the organization.

The University of the Philippines Aggregates, Incorporated also known as UP Aggregates, Inc. or simply Aggre is a non-profit, academic organization of civil engineering students based in the Institute of Civil Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman.





The University of the Philippines Aggregates was founded by 29 Civil Engineering students on July 1985 as a response to the need of a more fulfilling student organization, an organization that would highly recognize their academic objectives as well as provide an outlet for meaningful extra-curricular participation.

The 2013 constitution of UP Aggregates, Inc. highlights the structure of the organization. It is headed by the President, who is elected by all active members at-large. The organization is divided to eight standing committees, each of which has a specific function within the organization.


All committee heads, headed by the President, constitute a separate group known as the “Board of Directors” and are involved with most of the decision-making and planning within the organization.


The Committee for Internal Affairs is responsible for promoting the well-being of the members of the organization, proper classification of membership and handling matters within the organization. The head of the committee takes the Vice President position in the Board of Directors.


The Committee for Logistics and Secretarial Operations assists the Secretary in the discharge of his duties. The head of the Logistics Committee is also the executive secretary of the organization. He is responsible for taking care of all records and documents of the organization, meeting schedules, correspondences and properties of the organization.


The Committee for External Affairs is involved with all external money generating activities of the organization such as sponsorship and marketing proposals and external activities such as partnerships. It is also responsible in updating the organization on relevant events and activities.


The Committee for Finance takes charge of all finances of the organization. The head of the Finance Committee is also the executive treasurer of the organization. The treasurer keeps all financial records and assets of UP Aggregates, Inc., collects all dues from the members, prepares financial statements and acts as the handlers of all business transactions of the organization.


The Committee for Press and Publicity leads all external and internal communications and publicity of all events and activities of the organization. The head of the committee is also the editor-in-chief of Sieve, Aggre’s official paper.


The Committee for Professional and Alumni Relations conducts activities that promote the holistic professional formation of the members, as well as activities that will further strengthen the relationship between the members and alumni of the organization.


The Committee for Academic Affairs stimulates all academic activities of the organization. The head of the academic committee tracks academic performance of its members, sets review sessions and activities that boost academic welfare of the organization and organizes the Aggregates academic archives.


The Committee for Applications processes the application for membership activities of the organization. The head of the applications committee organizes events and other things to promote bonds and companionship between applicants and members of the organization.


The life of an Aggre member.


As set by the Committee for Applications, the application process is a semester long trek which consists of tasks that aim to let aspiring applicants have a glimpse of what kind of organization they are about to enter and let them be immersed in the family they chose.


Professional and Alumni Relations Committee is the committee in charge of conducting activities that promote the holistic professional formation of the members and in conducting activities that will further strengthen the relationship between the members and alumni of the Organization.

UP Aggregates, Inc. has one hundred-seventy-eight (178) members for the First Semester of AY 2015-2016, led by the Board of Directors.

Jose Eleazar Concepcion

Jose Eleazar Concepcion


Stephanie Anne Fortin

Stephanie Anne Fortin

External Affairs

Jeremiah Sanidad

Jeremiah Sanidad

Professionals and Alumni Relations

Ma. Jhubhel Dela Cruz

Ma. Jhubhel Dela Cruz

Internal Affairs

Adams Alejandro

Adams Alejandro


Elner Sapo II

Elner Sapo II

Academic Affairs

Mae Ann Rose Salvacion

Mae Ann Rose Salvacion

Logistics and Secretarial Operations

Redd Chua

Redd Chua

Press and Publicity

Kenneth Joseph Peña

Kenneth Joseph Peña



Events held by the organization.